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by > spiro scimone
with > francesco sframeli > spiro scimonegianluca cesale > salvatore arena
direction > francesco sframeli
set designer > lino fiorito
light designer > beatrice ficalbi
assistant director > roberto bonaventura
photo credits > andrea coclite
technical director > santo pinizzotto
administration > giovanni scimone
production > compagnia scimone sframeli >
festival delle colline torinesi, théâtre garonne

ubu prize 2012 ” best production design “

“Giù” (Down) is an angry invitation to break the silence to give voice to others.
It is a shout against the rot of our society that demeans the dignity and freedom of the individual.
In a surreal atmosphere, where the drama is in continuous equilibrium with the comedy, the Son, one morning, under the watchful eye of the Father, comes out of the bog and convey to their discomfort against a world increasingly saturated with selfishness and indifference .The father sees his son in the toilet, and try to pull it off. But in the bog, there is not only the Son to pull off. There is also Don Carlo, a difficult priest, which ended down because he no longer wanted to be comfortable. Down there is also the Sacristan that after so many years of abuse and violence, tired of suffering, is in that bog that find the strength and the courage to rebel. Down there is also, the poor devil of Ugo, who prefers to sing under a bridge not to lose dignity … not to sell his dignity. Down there are many people who, to defend human values and struggle against the evil that advances, they are still waiting for their turn to go on … to return again on.
The piece won the UBU prize 2012 – Best Scenery and the nomination for Best Italian Piece of the year.