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  by > spiro scimone

  with > francesco sframeli > spiro scimone >

            gianluca cesale > salvatore arena

  direction > francesco sframeli

  set designer and costumes > lino fiorito

  light designer > beatrice ficalbi

  assistant director > roberto bonaventura

  photo credits > gianni fiorito

  technical director > santo pinizzotto

  administration > giovanni scimone

  production > compagnia scimone sframeli >

  espace malraux, scène nationale de chambéry

  et de la savoie carta bianca projet alcotra

  in collaboration with > asti teatro 31



ubu prize 2009 " new italian text "


Running from a society which is increasingly isolated, four characters – La Bruciata, Senzamani, Il Nero and l’Altro – tell a tale of emptiness, unease, the continuous unfairness of our times….of our bad weather times. They shout out their unrest and discontent, telling us about their shattered dreams in a language of surprising maturity. To save themselves from a world saturated in selfishness, intolerance and in indifference, these stilytes of modern times seek refuge on the poles, in order to be able to continue to see that which so many eyes pretend to not see anymore.
Bodies of language, bodies alive in their language, therefore discovering the pleasure of feeling free within their own private space, rich with an atmosphere of surrealism and paradox. Caught between circus and the metaphysical, they observe and denounce, with the slightest belief that things can change, all that is left for them to do is keep their distance and take their precautions, while from above a colourful set the tale is unfolding, enthralling the audience.

The piece won the UBU prize 2009 Best Italian Text.













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