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by > spiro scimone
with > francesco sframeli > spiro scimone
direction > valerio binasco
set designer > titina maselli
assistant director > leonardo pischedda
photo credits > andrea coclite
technical director > santo pinizzotto
administration > giovanni scimone
production > compagnia scimone sframeli

ubu prize 1997 spiro scimone ” new author “

ubu prize 1997 francesco sframeli ” new actor “

“Bar” observes the four crucial days in the life of two men, the bartender Nino and the unemployed Petru, who have chosen a public place to hide away from the rest of the world. Both of them, for different reasons, know nothing about the other, about the world, or even about themselves. But in this bar we see and we live only the back room. Actually no more than a wall against which the two men seemed to be crushed along with the few objects present, a trashcan and a few crates of drink, a portable radio. Fixed in their destiny as losers, waiting for the big chance that never comes, but that maybe will come tomorrow, no surely it will come tomorrow. For one of them it’s the dream of being able to prepare cocktails in a bar which plays American music, in some nice place not this bar in the suburbs. For the other the dream is about a stable job, to put an end to his struggle to make ends meet. In the meantime the bartender Nino has to deal with living with an oppressive mother, who on every birthday gives him a garish work jacket in various colours. An enemployed Petru struggling with a local boss who extorts money and gifts from him, family heirlooms and watches, and asks for a cut from his future income. At the top of the wall there is a window. By climbing up a ladder it is possible to see what is going on outside, in the hostile and indecipherable world that exists on the other side of the wall.

Scimone and Sframeli won the Ubu Prize 1997 respectively as New Author and New Actor.