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The Scimone Sframeli Company was founded in 1994 thanks to the artistic collaboration between Spiro Scimone and Francesco Sframeli.

In that year, the two actors, driven by the need to seek new languages, they stage the first work Nunzio written by Scimone in Sicilian dialect. The work (IDI Authors New Award 1994 and Gold Medal IDI for the playwriting 1995) reveals fundamental stage of their artistic career, thanks to a meeting with one of the most eminent and authoritative figure in international theater: Carlo Cecchi. The artist, in fact, he directed the show, which premiered at the International Festival of Taormina Arte.

In 1997 Scimone wrote Bar, starred with Sframeli, directed by Valerio Binasco and setted by Titina Maselli. In the same year Scimone and Sframeli won the Ubu Prize, respectively as a New Author and New Actor.

In 1999, the two actors play The Feast by Scimone (1997 prize Candoni Arta for the new drama) directed by Gianfelice Imparato. This work in 2007 is staged by the Comédie Française at the Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier in Paris, directed by Galin Stoev and the following year is included in the program of the Cultural Season of the French Presidency of the European Union to be represented, together with Les Précieuses ridicules by Moliere, in Eastern countries belonging to the European Community.

In 2003, the company co-produced with the Festival d'Automne of Paris, the Kunsten Festival des Arts in Brussels, the Théâtre de Garonne Toulouse and Orestiadi Gibellina

The Courtyard. The piece was written by Scimone (Ubu Prize 2004 New Italian text) under the direction of Valerio Binasco.

In 2006 Scimone writes The envelope, directed by Sframeli, premiered at the Festival of Asti (co-production of the Theatre of Messina).

In 2009, the two actors play together with Gianluca Cesale and Salvatore Arena the show Pali (Ubu Prize 2009 New Italian text) written and directed by Scimone and Sframeli, staged with great success, in co-production with the Espace Malraux Scène Nationale de Chambéry and Asti Theatre.
In 2012 he made his debut
by Scimone, directed by Sframeli and with the interpretation of the two actors together and Cesale Arena. The show (Ubu Prize 2012 Best Production Design) is produced by the Company together with the Festival of the Colline Torinesi and the Théâtre de Garonne Toulouse.

In 2015 Scimone and Sframeli play together with Cesale and Giulia Weber the show Amore  written by Scimone and directed by Sframeli.
Their performances are represented in England, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Argentina, Portugal, Holland, Croatia, Greece, Sweden and in the most prestigious European festivals, including the Festival d'Automne à Paris, the Kunsten Festival des Arts in Brussels, the Festival de Otoño in Madrid, The Rotterdam International Festival, the Festival de Almada, the Festival de Teatro Internacional Mercosur in Cordoba, Zagreb Festival. The texts are translated into English, French, German, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Croatian, Slovenian, Danish and staged in France, Germany, Portugal, Scotland, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Denmark , Brazil, Chile, Venezuela. They are published in Italy by Ubulibri, in France by Dall'Arche editor with the translation of Jean Paul Manganaro and Valeria Tasca, in Spain from the Teatro del Astillero with the translation of Carla Matteini, in Portugal by Artistas Unidos.
Scimone and Sframeli directed and starred in the film
Two friends (adapted from the theatrical Nunzio), winner of the Golden Lion for Best First Film at the Venice International Film Festival 2002 and nominated for Best Debut Award 2002 to David Donatello, Silver Ribbon, European film awards (European Oscar).

























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