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due amici >




a film by > spiro scimone, francesco sframeli

screenplay > spiro scimone

director of photography > blasco giurato

original music > andrea morricone

mounting > massimo quaglia

executive producer > francesco tornatore




winner of the golden lion for best first film at the venice international film festival 2002

and nominated for best debut award 2002 to david donatello > silver ribbon >

european film awards


During the making of the movie "Due Amici", we both loved and hated the original theatrical play "Nunzio".
This conflict allowed us to writ a script different from the original play but coherent with the essence of it.
The choice of the actors has not been hard at all. We knew and appreciated all of them.
During the meetings with them, but before talking about characters, we remembered a Louis Jouvet quote: <Identifying in a character and showing him like we just met him is easy... repeating actions, recreating
moments of fake true is possible: all of this is "human, too human"; we have to go further... >












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